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27 August 2010

arctic sea ice during the night

During this summer there have been quite some news in connection to the northern sea-route, and it seems that even the most optimistic of projections will reveal themselves to be to modest- Recently the Arctic Portal published news on the first high capacity oil tanker going through the Northeast passage and now the first non-Russian bulk carrier to go through the Arctic.

24 August 2010

Joan Nymand Larsen

The Arctic Portal staff is pleased to post news of the twentieth anniversary of the International Social Sciences Association (IASSA) and wishes to extend it's congratulation to the organization and it's members. May the future of IASSA be as fruitful as it's past and may it continue to contribute to our understanding of our surroundings, the Arctic.

19 August 2010

Oil tanker

On the 14 of August the ice-class tanker SCF Baltica began it's voyage through the Northern sea-route. The tanker will be accompanied by three nuclear powered ice breakers during the two week sail. For the duration of the trip the crew till gather information on ice conditions in the area and the data used to estimate the commercial benefit of choosing the Northern sea-route vs. traditional routes in the south.

10 August 2010

Nares overview

The largest Iceberg since 1962 has broken of the Greenlandic Ice sheet. The Iceberg comes from the Petermann glacier in North-West Greenland which is one of the largest glaciers connecting the Greenland Inland ice sheet with the Arctic Ocean.

28 July 2010

Gwichin Ethnobotany, plants

The Arctic Portal has just come across a plant portal launched by the Gwichin Social and Cultural institute. In 1997 the Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute partnered up with the Aurora Researc Institute (ARI) and commenced work with Gwich'in elders on an ethnobotany project.

15 July 2010

State of the Arctic Coast cover

The Arctic coastal interface is a sensitive and important zone of interaction between land and sea, a region that provides essential ecosystem services and supports indigenous human lifestyles; a zone of expanding infrastructure investment and growing security concerns; and an area in which climate warming is expected to trigger landscape instability, rapid responses to change, and increased hazard exposure.

30 June 2010

Inuit leaders from Canada, Russia, USA and Greenland

During the 28. June to July 2. The ICC holds it's general assembly in Nuuk, Greenland.

11 May 2010

Arctic Portal news

The Arctic Portal is proud to velcome International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA) into the Arctic portal community, as the IASSA website is now hosted and designed by the Arctic Portal.

11 May 2010

Exploring Polar Science poster

The Arctic Portal would like to draw your attention to the following publication, which is a cooperation between APECS, UArctic, SCAR, IAI and IASC. The cooperation is intended to assist early carrier scientists in planningthe path to the richly diverse and challenging world of polar research, and informative for all interested in the polar regions.

10 May 2010

 Arctic Portal news

Scientists in the Northwest Territories have come across a polar bear and grizzly hybrid in the Arctic. The animal that was killed on April 8 in the proximity of the Holman community by inuvialuit hunter David Kuptana.

28 April 2010

IPY International: Early Career Researcher Symposium

A report summary from the IPY International Early Career Researcher Symposium is now available at the APECS website.

12 February 2010

Akureyri, Iceland

The unique Polar law Master's program at the University of Akureyri, Iceland is open for application. The deadline for the submission of applications for admission and scholarships is April 1st. for International applicants and June 5, 2010 for EU/EETA applicants.

12 February 2010

Inuit drawing

The connection between the native Americans and North American Inuit to the Inuit living in Greenland has long puzzled the minds of researchers. Also, the migration patterns of people over the northern hemisphere have for a long time interested people.

11 February 2010


It can be agreed by most people that the Arctic as one of the last wildernesses in the world is invaluable. For the earth's bio- and cultural diversity the Arctic as it appears today, covered with ice and snow, is irreplaceable and most environmental organizations agree that reducing climate change is the only way to preserve this fragile nature.

10 February 2010

6th annual arctic shipping summit

The 6th Annual Arctic shipping Summit will take place during between 27. and 29th April 2010 in Helsinki Finland, with a pre-conference seminar on the 26.

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