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Arctic Portal Interactive Mapping System - ADMS, developed by the Arctic Portal and ArcData staff, provides visual information and data on the Arctic through a state-of-the-art 3d portal.

The ADMS mapping and data management system is a Web-based GIS application  implemented mainly through client-side Web programming.

All data and information layers are either connected through web-services and/or hosted on a Geo Server, owned, controlled and hosted by Arctic Portal - ArcData, shared between different instances of the system.

Users can visualize and crosscut different layers which store multiple sets of data relevant for the Arctic (as ice conditions, shipping, social data, energy, infrastructure, etc..). Some of the datasets are available for download. For a tutorial of the ADMS

The ADMS Mapping system is used in the Arctic Council endorsed Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas project (AREA) - Visit the AREA information system.

Arctic Portal has produced many graphical maps of interest on various Arctic issues, of Global recognition, including on shipping, Arctic Definition, Search and Rescue, the Arctic Council and more. All data utilized to create our maps are provided either from our partners (see Arctic Portal Community) or from the best reliable databases currently available. Sources are always quoted clearly.

Many of our maps are available for viewing and free download subject to our conditions . Maps Gallerie.

The Arctic Portal staff is continuously working to update the ADMS mapping system and to create new maps for our visitors' benefit. If you want to suggest new maps, or if you think there are any errors, please contact .