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The maps are being updated continually.

Arctic Portal Mapping System provides visual information about Arctic related information through various databases. The system is powered by the Inter-Map mapping system, developed by the Arctic Portal staff. All data utilized to create our maps are provided either from our partners (see Arctic Portal Community) either from the best reliable databases currently available. Sources are always quoted clearly.

Arctic Portal staff is continuously working to update the mapping system and to create new maps. If you need a map in a different resolution as the one provided, please contact info at

In addition, Arctic Portal Staff can create customized maps. You can visualize all layers available in our Inter-Map mapping system. Arctic Portal staff will export the map with the layers requested into file. Please contact us for any additional information.

info at

All maps are free for use in presentations as long as the origin is clearly accounted for.


Arctic Portal offers a number of maps than can be downloaded and used for free, behind quotation of the source (the suggested quotation is : Map provided by . For any commercial use of our maps, which includes but it is not limited to, selling AP maps, modify and sell AP maps, pubblication, reports, books, please contact info at Please note that cartographic material, as our maps, is covered under the international "Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works". The agreement covers derivative works as well.