The Arctic

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30 May 2024

Greenland facts

Kalaallit Nunaat or Greenland, home to the Greenlandic Inuit, is primarily concentrated along the southwest coast, with the rest of the island thinly populated. Descended from the Thule people, the Inuit are divided into three main groups: the Kalaallit in the west, the Tunumiit in the east, and the Inughuit in the north.

22 April 2024

Jan Mayen facts

Jan Mayen is a remote Norwegian island located at 71°N/8°W in the Arctic Ocean, about 600 kilometers northeast of Iceland, 500 km east of Greenland, and approximately 1000 km west of Norway.

9 April 2024

Svalbard facts

Svalbard has the northernmost settlement in the world. The largest being Longyearbyen with around 2400 inhabitants from around 53 countries.

24 January 2024

Arctic Definitions

The Arctic is the northernmost region of Earth. Most scientists define the Arctic as the area within the Arctic Circle, a line of latitude about 66.5° north of the Equator.

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