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28 May 2024

European Polar Board

With the current hosting period of the European Polar Board (EPB) Secretariat at the Dutch Research Council (NWO) coming to an end in December 2024, the EPB Members have decided that the EPB Secretariat will move to, and be hosted by the Arctic Center at Umeå University, Sweden from January 2025.

From January 2025 the EPB will also establish and host the European Polar Coordination Office (EPCO). EPCO will act as a central contact point between the European scientific community and the European Commission (EC), policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders. Representing EU-funded polar projects and European researchers in both polar regions, EPCO will provide expert input and advice to European policy actors, such as the EC and national and regional agencies, aiding informed decision-making on polar issues, opportunities, priorities, and challenges. EPCO aims to highlight the significance of polar regions in global climate systems and ensure continued funding for polar research through the EU and other funding agencies.

Additionally, EPCO will coordinate the EU Polar Cluster and promote collaboration and cooperation within the European polar science community.

What is the European Polar Board

The European Polar Board (EPB) is an independent organisation focused on major strategic priorities in the Arctic and Antarctic. EPB Members include research institutes, logistics operators, funding agencies, scientific academies and government ministries from across Europe.

The EPB’s vision is of a strong and cohesive European Polar research community, wherein decisions affecting or affected by the Polar Regions are informed by independent, accurate, and timely advice from the EPB.

The EPB has a mission to improve European coordination in Arctic and Antarctic research through improved information sharing, optimised infrastructure use and joint initiatives between Members.

EPB promotes multilateral collaborative activities between its Members and provides a single contact point to the European Polar research community as a whole for international partners.

The EPB engages in large-scale Arctic and Antarctic projects in collaboration with European and international partners. Its activities primarily involve coordinating polar research and communicating with policymakers and other stakeholders. Current projects include INTERACT III, SO-CHIC, Arctic PASSION, OCEAN:ICE, POLARIN, and EU-PolarNet 2.

Source: EPB 

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27 May 2024

30YearsofEEAThe EEA EFTA States – Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway – are celebrating 30 years of partnership and cooperation. To mark this milestone, an Anniversary Conference is being held on 28 May 2024 in collaboration with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

24 May 2024

CNARC website

The 9th China – Nordic Arctic Cooperation (CNARC) Symposium will be held this year from Oct 13-15 in Akureyri Iceland. Submission of abstracts for oral presentations is now open.

22 May 2024

IPA Publishing 2023The International Permafrost Association (IPA) has published its Country Reports for the year 2022-2023, offering a comprehensive overview of permafrost-related activities across its member nations.

16 May 2024

Polar panorama projectThe European Union's Horizon 2020 project, PolarRES, is dedicated to exploring future polar climates. It focuses on studying the interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, and sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

13 May 2024

Climeworks MammothA groundbreaking development in the fight against climate change unfolds as Mammoth, the world's largest air purifier, opens in the Geothermal Garden in Hellisheiði, Iceland. Named Mammoth, the cleaning plant is operated by the Swiss company Climeworks, a global leader in carbon removal via direct air capture technology, in collaboration with local partners.

8 May 2024

Horizons of cooperation TheArctic 2Press Release Following The Round Table - "The Arctic. Horizons of cooperation. An initiative by Arctic Youth". The Arctic Youth project, in cooperation with the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) on February 26, 2024, held an international event - a round table "The Arctic. Horizons of Cooperation."

6 May 2024

ArcticCircle BerlinForum2024 2The Arctic Circle Berlin Forum kicks off tomorrow, May 7th, and continues through the following day. With more than 30 seminars featuring over 130 speakers representing 20+ countries, the Berlin Forum will explore the role of Science, Climate Policies and Europe in the future of the Arctic.

3 May 2024

ICARP IV - International Conference on Arctic Research Planning

The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2025 will be held in Boulder Colorado (USA) from 20–28 March, 2025. 

2 May 2024

Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson Asmundur Fridriksson and Gunnlaug Helga Asgeirsdottir

A working group, appointed by the Icelandic Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate, has published a report including 50 proposals for ways to improve energy use and energy procurement in Iceland, thus supplying at least 3,800 GWh of additional energy annually by 2040.

30 April 2024

Nordic Ministers 2024

At the conclusion of the Nordic Defence Ministers' meeting in Þórshavn today, a new long-term strategy for Nordic defence cooperation (NORDEFCO) until 2030 was officially signed. Alongside this pivotal agreement, discussions centered on the ongoing support for Ukraine and the evolving security dynamics in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. Notably, representatives from the governments of the Faroe Islands and Greenland participated in the meeting for the first time.

25 April 2024

World Cup titan ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi

Yesterday, April 24. 2024, fittingly on the officially last day of winter in Iceland, 27 year old Japanese World Cup titan ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi took advantage of the amazing mountain, weather and snow conditions in mount Hlidarfjall above the town of Akureyri in Iceland for the longest ever ski jump in history.

23 April 2024

Áslaug Ásgeirsdottir appointed the rector of the University of Akureyri

Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir has been appointed rector of the University of Akureyri as of July 1st.

19 April 2024

Arctic Portal Quick Facts

Introducing new and exciting content on the Arctic Portal - Quick Facts!

17 April 2024

Third Russian Chinese Arctic School on Energy Green Transitions

The Third Russian-Chinese Arctic School “Anthropogenic impact on Arctic ecosystems: in search of new approaches to Arctic management” was held from April 1st to 6th in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, Russia.

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