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Arctic Portal logo blueProviding access to news, data, information and organizations across the Arctic, facilitating information sharing and cooperation between public and private parties, carrying out Arctic-related outreach and communication.

Consulting and providing web presence to numerous institutions and projects of Arctic importance and maintaining highly active social media outreach channels.

Organizer of multiple international events and active participation in international organizations, networks and projects of highest Arctic and Global importance.

Co-Leading the project initiation and the outreach and science communication for the China-Iceland Arctic Observatory –

Developer and host of the Arctic Data Interface, the central database for the Arctic, designing a methodology, producing and facilitating an interoperable and scalable interfacing technology for our customers on demand.

The portal is based in Akureyri, Iceland, registered as an SME but managed as a non-profitable organization under an international board of advisory directors.

The principal functions of the Arctic Portal are:

  1. The Gateway to Arctic and Northern information includes features such as: news from around the Arctic; information on the Arctic Council and other Arctic stakeholders; topic related portals; document and project database; virtual library; up-coming events; collection of relevant links; multimedia material including web casts, virtual conferences and videos; interactive mapping portal; webcams and weather in the Arctic; acronyms interpretation.
  2. Communication and outreach, user engagement, support and hosting - providing consultation, technical and content support and web hosting to numerous Arctic organizations.
  3. Arctic Data Interface – the Central Database for the Arctic – developing the central database for the Arctic and designing a methodology, producing and facilitating an interoperable and scalable interfacing technology that allows retrieval and interfacing of observational metadata and consequently interpretation and data accessing tools for our customers on demand.
  4. Active participation in international organizations and partner in projects of high Arctic and Northern importance and relevance including: European Polar Board- EPB; Northern Forum – The Arctic Business Directory; International Permafrost association – IPA; Sustaining Arctic Observation Networks – SAON; the Arctic Data Committee – ADC; China-Nordic Arctic Research Centre; China-Iceland Arctic Science Observatory; Global Terrestrial Network of Permafrost – GTN-P; University of the Arctic; Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas – AREA; PAGE21, EDU-Arctic, ARICE, NUNATARYUK, APPLICATE, EU PolarNet, INTERACT and more.
  5. Organizing events, workshops and conferences incl.: at The Arctic Circle; Arctic Energy Summit co-hosts 2013 and 2015 and upcoming 2019; the EU in the Arctic - stakeholders consultations for the EU Arctic Information Centre in 2013 and 2014, and organizing and speaking at the EU Arctic dialogue seminars for the EEAS 2017 and 2018; as well as project and stakeholder meetings such as of the projects PAGE21 and APPLICATE.
    Co-Leading the cooperation and now leading the Outreach and Science Communication for the China-Iceland Arctic Observatory including the development of its Guest Centre.
  6. Speaking and Chairing at events, including: Korea Arctic Week; China-Nordic Research Centre Science Seminars and business roundtables; ACI Shipping Conferences; UIC Business Tour; EEAS seminars; SAON Ministerial Side event; Northern Forum Governors and RCC meetings; Arctic Energy Summit and many more.


The infrastructure of the Arctic Portal

The AP has qualified, experienced, well educated international staff.

AP provides a selection of CMS and data management solutions. AP has a strong IT team and responds to problems within 24 hours, providing web accessibility according to the WAI guidelines and a step by step tutorial as well as helpdesk services, when problems/ malfunctions possibly arise. We host our material on an IBM server facilitated with state-of-the-art backup facilities. AP has all latest databases and database tools, knowledge of maintaining and state-of-the-art mapping and presentation software.

AP is one of the most-established organizations in carrying out Arctic-related outreach and communication. It is strongly involved in organizing and providing communication on Arctic issues. We provide services and support to over 60 international organisations, institutions and projects of high Arctic relevance including: IPY, IASC, PAG, APECS, SAON, ADC, ICR, Northern Forum, ICARP, CNARC, AMATII, AREA, PPS, APPLICATE, ARICE, NUNATARYUK, EDU-Arctic, IPA, Arctic-Iceland, Arctic Yearbook and many more.

AP is involved in organizing active stakeholder engagement at local, regional and international levels including through a contract for the EU EEAS in cooperation with the Arctic Centre and the AWI on Arctic policy assessment, the Northern Forum and its business directory, and as WP leader in the large EU projects APPLICATE, ARICE, NUNATARYUK and Edu-Arctic.

Additionally, AP has experience in collecting and visualizing complex scientific data and information and developed the first standardized global data sets for Permafrost Temperature and Active Layer thawing depths. The Data Management system for permafrost developed by AP is seen as a case for integrating Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) from In situ terrestrial Networks into Earth System Models. The project received the ICSU data mangement of the year award in Sept. 2016.

The AP is participating in international cooperation on data management, metadata and search and actively developing tools and service protocals with the aim of providing dedicated data and data-interpretation customer services.

The Arctic Portal is seeking a suitable partners and investor/s to support our expansion based on our knowledge, information and tools, excellent project portfolio and network of partners!

For further information please contact:

Halldór Jóhannson
Executive Director

+354 4612800 / +354 8992828

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