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Arctic Fox team on the North Pole

The Arctic Fox Mission reached the North Pole today. The group is now at the top of the world, where all time zones converge and all lines of longitude meet.

According to the Arctic Fox Mission website, the weather was good when they arrived at the North Pole or as the state on their blog "It was another beautiful day with a bright blue sky that made the snow sparkle like diamonds in the sun". When the explores reached the North Pole, the team celebrated with hugs, handshakes, laughter, tears, and plenty of photos to document the occasion.

After celebrating their achievement and internalizing the moment, the team set up camp and prepared for a continuation of the festivities. A green dining tent was converted into a special salon for the first-ever official North Pole Poetry Slam in honour of the Arctic Fox Mission team leader and acclaimed poet Mr. Nubo Huang. Each team member shared a special poem (or two, or three...) and together the team celebrated friendship, poetry, family, adventure, and the Arctic, whose 24 hour sun was circling overhead.

The group encountered some problems finding the exact North Pole and described it as a challenge:

"Strange as it may sound finding the exact North Pole can be a challenge, even with a GPS. Sometimes it is possible to look for 5 or 10 minutes within a 20 square foot area! There is no sign or post marking the spot (it would drift away in a few minutes) and all the while that a person is looking for 90.00.000 N to appear on their GPS the ice beneath them is in constant motion. Thus, it is like searching for a precise location while on a moving treadmill. It makes it all the more special when the GPS flashes that special number 90.00.000. The North Pole".

The Arctic Portal congratulates the Arctic explorers with this great milestone and wishes the group a safe journey back home.