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Arctic has for decades provided the world with important quality information and data in a not-for-profit way for the benefit of all by being a comprehensive gateway to Arctic and Northern-related matters.

We now ask for your support to make the Arctic Portal even better because maintaining and improving our platform requires dedicated resources. By supporting Arctic, you contribute to a range of activities aimed at making a positive impact in the Arctic and the North. Your donation will help continue our outreach support to multiple organizations and projects of Global importance. Further it will support the development of open educational material and outreach material as our maps and the involvement of citizens through citizen science tools. Last but not least you can help further implementation of information, data and support platforms for the benefit of the people, the societies and the environment of the Arctic and the North.

Arctic is actively involved in informing, consulting, supporting, and engaging, at a local level, regionally, and internationally with over 35 years of experience, supporting cooperation, outreach, and data sharing in environmental and social science, education, and business for intelligent sustainable development based on responsible, knowledge-based policymaking.

Arctic is one of the best-established NGO organizations in Arctic and Northern-related outreach, communication, information sharing, data management, and consulting, in a Global context.

The Arctic is operated by the Arctic Foundation. Arctic Foundation is registered in Akureyri, Iceland, according to Icelandic Act no. 119/2019 on not-for-profit organizations operating across borders. Registration nr. 610721-1090. Operated under the management of an International Board of Directors.


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Activities you can support

  • Please help us to develop and implement the Information and support platform on and about the People(s) of the Arctic and the North, their societies, environment, and culture - an Arctic Business and Cultural Gateway - informing, exploring, guiding, supporting and consulting on the opportunities and threats in their existence for a sustainable future, including climate change and societal issues.
  • Through public and private funding, supported by the Arctic Business and Cultural Gateway, we are developing strategies and tools, including our well known maps and graphics, to intelligently communicate, consult, and financially support education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Arctic societies in highly relevant and important fields as preserving cultural heritage; mitigation of climate change solutions and adaptation; food security; green energy solutions; communication; and societal services in a circumpolar context!


Mission and Vision

The purpose and objectives of Arctic Foundation is to raise funding, fund and support activities and projects that benefit sustainable development and better living for the people and peoples of the Arctic and the North and their societies, including in education; culture; innovation; responsible business development; empowering the youth; healthcare; environmental observations and science; as agreed by its members.

The Arctic Foundation intends to achieve its purpose and objectives by raising funds based on its merits from the Global international community, private and public, including individuals; organizations; associations; companies, and governments; through funding applications, fundraising campaigns, sponsoring agreements, and partnerships based on active communication, outreach activities, and events, executed in coherence with the objectives and strategy as agreed by its members.