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9 November 2010

Arctic Portal

Tomorrow the 10th of November the Nordic house in Iceland will host a series of lectures about Northern issues. The event focuses on the monitoring of environment and society and will include many very interesting lectures and topics. The Arctic Portal will be streaming the event live on the Arctic Portal. The broadcast will start tomorrow morning at 09:00 GMT.

9 November 2010

Tourist cruise ship, Svalbard


The possibility of a trans-arctic shipping route has intrigued seafarers since the days of the first Arctic explorers, as it would shorten the distance between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean significantly and shorten trading routes. This possibility still intrigues many and is an issue that has received significant media coverage; it probably will become a possibility during the 21. century due to declining in sea Ice.

9 November 2010

Effects of Arctic Sea Ice Loss on Biodiversity, Weather Patterns and Local Population

Less sea ice coverage and changes in melt patterns in the arctic has various implications for biodiversity of the Arctic regions, the affect is in many cases not clear and it's full reach not clear, the few facts mentioned below should be considered as examples rather than a full analyze.

9 November 2010

University of Oulu

As a part of the University of Oulu recruiting funding programme Thule Institute is offering outstanding researchers with PhD’s Investigator Start-up Packages for five years The Deadline of applications is 30th of December 2010.

9 November 2010

Sea Ice in Disco Bay

The Arctic Sea Ice is one of the key symbols of the cold and barren Arctic regions, and affects the lives of both arctic and non-arctic residents.

8 November 2010


Royal Dutch Shell is beginning a public lobbying campaign, including national advertising, on Monday. The giant oil company is promising to make unprecedented preparation to prevent the kind of disaster that polluted the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. With the turmoil and damage created by the BP spill it can be imagined that they have quit a job to do.

8 November 2010

Iceberg near Svalbard

The International response to climate change was initiated at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 with the signing of the U.N Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

8 November 2010

Snow mobile travel over sea ice in Uummannaq, Greenland

The effects of global warming are believed to be extensive. Estimating the precise effect is not possible as there as several unknowns in the equation so this should be regarded as best available estimates rather than facts.

8 November 2010

The Greenhouse Effect

Most of the observed temperature increase since the 1940-50's were caused by increasing concentration of greenhouse gases.

8 November 2010

climate house

The Arctic Portals Climate Change and Sea Ice Portal is intended to give individuals access to material according to each ones need in connection to the subjects This will consist of recent news articles, scientific reports and other relevant material.

5 November 2010

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate/Barents Observer - 37 companies have applied exploration license in the 21st licensing round on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea areas. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is very pleased with the number of applications and says that company considered a competent applicant must have technical expertise and a sound understanding of geology in addition to financial strength and experience.

4 November 2010

Arctic on the map

Barents Observer reports that Vladimir Selin, Chief Research Scientist at the Kola Science Center shares his opinion that the Agreement between Russia and Norway on the delimitation of the Barents Sea will result in Norway moving out of the Shtokman gas field and believes that it is part of the agreement.

3 November 2010


Barents Observer - Norway and Russia signed yesterday a milestone agreement on visa-free travel between Russia and a Schengen-member state in Oslo.

2 November 2010

Virtual Learning Tools

The Virtual Learning Tools project is a cooperation between the Arctic Portal, University of the Arctic, APECS, ICR, SVS and Hsvest to create a virtual learning tool specifically designed for Northern residents. During this January a pilot course led by Phillip Burgess at the ICR will commence within the system, prior to a formal launch in June 2011.

1 November 2010

Vladamir Putin

Former Russian president, and current prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin Urges Arctic nations to reach an agreement on the areas rich mineral resources. Further he states that he is confident that all such agreements will be peaceful and in accordance to international law. During last month a historic border deal between Norway and Russia was signed, which hopefully can be looked upon as a example of how these matters should be sorted out.

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