Organizations in the Arctic and their membershipWelcome to the highly comprehensive section on Governance in the Arctic, this Globally important area of opportunites and threats, where we provide valuable insights into various aspects of Arctic Governance.

Explore the dynamics of Arctic Cooperation with details on the key organizations, partnerships, policies, agreements and legal structure.

Explore the intricate workings of the Arctic Council, including detailed information on members, observers, permanent participants, working groups, binding agreements, current and past chairships, presented with the support of an detailed, graphical map.

Discover the geographical layout of the Arctic States through an informative map.International Treaties and Agreements related to the Arctic

Learn about the Arctic Indigenous Peoples Arctic Council permanent participants and their related organizations.

Gain a comprehensive chronological insight into Arctic International Agreements, including conventions, covenants, declarations and treaties, including access to relevant material. The section also includes an overview chart including the information on the individual Arctic Countries ratification and more.

For an in-depth understanding of Arctic policies, strategies, and visions, our Arctic Policies Database offers a comprehensive resource released by the eight Arctic states, indigenous peoples, and non-Arctic states.

Additionally, you can explore the annually published Arctic Yearbook, designed, hosted and supported by Arctic Portal from its establishment in 2012, providing a highly valuable repository of scholarly publications on Arctic issues.

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