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Two leading Antarctic organisations announce today opportunities for early career researchers. The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes (COMNAP) are working together to attract talented researchers, engineers and other professionals to strengthen international capacity and cooperation.

The Fellowships are worth up to $US 15,000 each and up to five (4 SCAR and 1 COMNAP Fellowships) are on offer for 2011.

For the SCAR fellowships, the awardee should:

  1. Be PhD students or within 5 years of having completed a PhD on the day of the deadline for applications
  2. be from any country
  3. want to visit a SCAR member country's research facilities or Antarctic base
  4. work in ANY field of SCAR's Antarctic scientific interest, including Antarctic Climate change, Life Sciences, Geo Sciences, Physical Sciences.

Further details of both the SCAR and COMNAP fellowships

The deadline for applications is 15 May 2011.