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The eight Arctic states – Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA – are responding to recent environmental, (geo)political and (geo)economic changes, and challenges of globalization.

This includes (re)defining their northern policies and interests nationally, their position and role in the Arctic region as well as northern cooperation. Sweden´s launch of its strategy for an Arctic policy in May 2011 denotes the adoption of specific national arctic strategies or state policies by all Arctic states.

Based on these strategies and state policies, their priorities and priority areas Dr. Lassi Heininen from University of Lapland, Finland, and the chairman of the NRF Steering Committee, has created an inventory on, and comparative study of, these national arctic / northern strategies and policies.

The final version of the study will be completed in August 2011. The draft version, "Arctic Strategies & Policies: Inventory & Comparative Study" was presented to the Standing Committee for Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region in February 2011 in Tromsö, Norway.

The study will be launched at the 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum in Hveragerdi, Iceland on the 4. -5. of September 2011. Simultaneously it will be made available online at the NRF web site:

The study will be published by the Northern Research Forum and the University of Lapland.

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