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16 May 2023

Arctic Council Russias Chairsmanship

Russia handed over its chairmanship of the Arctic Council to Norway during the international organization’s 13th session, which took place on 11 May in Salekhard. The chairmanship of the Arctic Council passed to Russia on 20 May 2021 at a ministerial session in Reykjavik.

11 May 2023

ArcticCouncil logoArctic States and Indigenous Permanent Participants convened today May 11th for the 13th Arctic Council meeting and issued a statement.

11 May 2023

Arctic Council Russias Chairsmanship

Russia has handed over their chairmanship in the Arctic Council to Norway.

11 May 2023

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson - former president of Iceland

President of Iceland 1996-2016 Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson celebrates his 80th birthday this coming Sunday, 14 May 2023.

10 May 2023

European Polar Board

The European Polar Board (EPB) has just released a report: Synthesis Report on the Environmental Impacts of Research and Logistics in the Polar Regions.

9 May 2023


Arctic Multilingual Portal

The Arctic Multilingual Portal, a project of the Arctic Council, is now open. The aim of the project is to create a comprehensive circumpolar GIS map of the languages spoken by indigenous peoples in the Arctic.

8 May 2023

Wilson Center

An interesting paper about three priority threats facing the Arctic and how to address them, written by Marisol Maddox and Lyston Lea published in newsletter no. 13 Polar Perspectives from the Wilson Center / Polar Institute.

5 May 2023

United Nations

The 77th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nation a discussion on Science ends with the Launch of Group of Friends to increase the role of science in decision-making across member states with the aim to enhance multilateral cooperation and exchange of information and data.

4 May 2023

Arctic Council chairs

Professor Paul Arthur Berkman wrote an article expressing his opinions regarding the handover of the chairmanship of the Arctic Council from Russia to Norway. The article was published in the High North News on 4 May 2023.

2 May 2023

High North Dialogue 2022

The video recordings from the conference are now online. Re-experience your favourite moments of High North Dialogue 2023 – Spaces of Opportunities.

2 May 2023

Arctic Twilight Pastels

The University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik) is hosting an exhibition of pastel paintings by Jean Malaurie from 2 May to 30 June 2023.

25 April 2023

White Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples food systems

The White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples' food systems, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, was key for the recognition of the game-changer nature of Indigenous Peoples´ food and knowledge systems on sustainability and resilience by the Scientific Committee of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS).

24 April 2023

Arctic Council

Norway is scheduled to take over the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council from Russia in a ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council on May 10-11.

21 April 2023

Whale Watching Handbook website

The whale-watching industry, regulators, policymakers and the general public can all benefit from the Whale Watching Handbook, a website dedicated to sustainable and educational whale watching.  The website offers free, independent and comprehensive advice, and is divided into sections for different groups of users.

19 April 2023

Map of Iceland

Almost 14 percent of elementary school students in Iceland have a language other than Icelandic as their mother tongue.

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