Governance AP pageThe, The Arctic Gateway, is committed to delivering accurate and up-to-date information on Arctic governance. The Gateway offers a centralized hub under the Governance section where our team has diligently compiled a comprehensive overview and information on the cooperation and governance of the Arctic.

As the Arctic region experiences significant transformations, environmentally, economically, and geo-politically, it becomes paramount to grasp the intricate network of governance mechanisms and international agreements that shape its future.

We strive to provide comprehensive and up-to-date insights into Arctic governance on our platform, covering a wide range of aspects that govern this unique and delicate ecosystem. From specialized international agreements tailored for the Arctic to the pivotal role of the Arctic Council, we are dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments and key stakeholders in the region.

A key focus within our Governance section is the Arctic Council, a prominent intergovernmental forum that plays a crucial role in fostering cooperation among Arctic states and indigenous peoples. We present a comprehensive Map of the Arctic Council Members and Observers, along with a list of Intergovernmental, Inter-Parliamentary Organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations that have been granted observer status to the Council. Additionally, you can find information on the current and former Chairship of the Council, including details on their priorities and the objectives they aim to achieve. We also provide a list of member states, permanent participants, working groups, and observers, along with links to relevant binding agreements.

International Treaties Overview APTo enhance your understanding of Arctic policies and initiatives, we offer access to our Arctic Policies Database. This extensive resource provides a wealth of information on national strategies, regional cooperation efforts, and international policies pertaining to the Arctic. Whether you are an academic, researcher, policymaker, or simply someone interested in Arctic affairs, our database serves as a valuable tool for exploring the multifaceted nature of Arctic governance.

Furthermore, we take pride in presenting the Arctic Yearbook, a unique publication that captures the dynamic developments occurring in the Arctic region. The Yearbook showcases a collection of academic articles, policy briefs, and expert analyses contributed by esteemed scholars and researchers from around the globe. It serves as a vital platform for promoting informed discussions and facilitating the exchange of knowledge on various Arctic-related topics. has been instrumental in providing the Arctic Yearbook with communication and outreach support, including layout, design assistance and a web platform from the very first issue in 2012. is your go-to hub for accurate, up-to-date news on Arctic governance. Whether you're a policymaker, academic, researcher, or simply curious about Arctic affairs, our platform invites you to explore, learn, and collaborate.


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