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The Handbook of the Arctic

The Handbook of the Arctic. A Broad and Comprehensive Overview.

The book, edited by Egor V. Pak, Artem I. Krivtsov, Natalia S. Zagrebelnaya MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, has recently been published and is now available by Springer.

It provides a comprehensive, critical and multidimensional study of the Arctic region, bridges social sciences and techniques in a multidisciplinary approach and brings together a strong and international group of authors.

The book offers a broad and holistic overview of issues in the Arctic today, a region which is transforming due to changing world order and climate agenda. While new economic opportunities — and with China, as well as other geopolitical players in the region — are emerging, new security challenges are arising as well. In this comprehensive scholarly resource, contributors from around the world and from a broad variety of disciplines share their thoughts on the future of the Arctic, in a manuscript that will be of interest to researchers, economists, and policymakers.

Editors. Egor V. Pak, Artem I. Krivtsov, Natalia S. Zagrebelnaya. — Palgrave Macmillan Singapore, December 2022. — 1223
ISBN 978-981-16-9249-9
ISBN 978-981-16-9250-5 (eBook)

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