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18 November 2011

Map of The North Eastern Sea Route

The Northern Sea Route shipping season is now over. To much ice in the Arctic ocean hinders any more shipping.

17 November 2011

Vistey website

Arctic Portal is proud to introduce its latest project, about biodiversity in Arctic waters. In cooperation with the Fisheries Science Center of the University of Akureyri, Vistey has opened.

16 November 2011

Science Nordic website

Science Nordic is a newly opened independent website for science news in english from the Nordic countries. The web site is a welcomed forum for Arctic research available in English.

11 November 2011

Polar bear swimming underwater

Canada will take special measures to protects its polar bears. Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has declared the polar bear a "species of special concern".

11 November 2011

People in Nepal getting food support

The Hariyo Ban project was introduced this week. The 5 year long program aims to reduce the adverse effects of climate change in Nepal.

11 November 2011

Antarctica crack

A huge rift has been discovered in the West Antarctica icesheet, forming a new gigantic iceberg.

8 November 2011


What happens when the vast amounts of carbon in Arctic soils are released to the atmosphere? This is the central question fieldresearchers, operators of long term observatories and modellers from 18 partner institutions in the EU intend to answer with the PAGE21 project.

3 November 2011

Gold find in Njivlojàvri

Scandinavian Resources have announced a major find of gold and copper in Finnmark, Norway.

1 November 2011

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi amd Villy Søvndal

Denmark is looking to pave the way for China to the Arctic Council. Denmark wants China to become a permanent observer state in the organization.

31 October 2011

Stockholm university

Stockholm University has two vacancies for PhD students for the PAGE 21 project. Both positions are in Physical Geography at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology.

27 October 2011

University of the Arctic 10 Years

The University of the Arctic has released a statement following the decision by the government of Canada to cut its funding.

27 October 2011

Russian Icebreaker

Russia will spend 1,8 billion Euros on four state of the art icebreakers.