(Photo M. Fritz) The TV team making a documentary about the North West Passage and visiting us on Herschel Island We are happy to announce that permafrost drilling team from Herschel Island got a deserved recognition and was accompanied by the Doc Studio – an online community for documentary filmmakers.

Arctic Portal, together with PAGE21 and Herschel Island permafrost team is happy to introduce its readers to the blog from the shoot for "The Polar Sea".

Documentary film will be launched later this year and it will consist of 10 episodes of multi – media expedition through the Northwest Passage.

The blog is being written by, Dylan Reibling -Director of the Herschel Island shoot for "The Polar Sea." He's also an award-winning filmmaker and interactive artist.

His work ranges from documentary, stop-motion animation and narrative films to interactive prototypes. His films have travelled to 50 international film festivals. His most recent short film "Record" has been featured at 20 film festivals around the world – including screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, and the British Film Institute. Dylan won Best Director (fiction) at the 2009 Yorkton Film Festival.

Click here to read more about ´´The Polar Sea´´ and click here to see the blog from filmmaker´s journey.