Participants of the 5th Polar Law Symposium6th Polar Law Symposium will start on Friday, 11th of October at the University of Akureyri, northern Iceland.

This year´s agenda will include sessions on Arctic politics and law. It will concentrate on new opportunities and the role of the Arctic Council in governance of the Arctic Region.

The panel on management of Arctic natural resources will concentrate on current situation in Greenland as well as indigenous knowledge of wilderness protection and management in the High North.

For the first time Polar Law Symposium will tough upon the topic of civil – military operations in the Region.

Lot of time will be dedicated into human rights and rights of indigenous people as well as the law of the sea.

Since September 2008, Symposiums dealing with the emerging legal issues regarding the Polar areas have been held annually.

The former Symposiums gave important inputs to the discussions regarding the issues of the Polar areas. An overview of the former Symposiums can be accessed below where topics, speeches and speakers are enumerated.

Click here for detailed agenda of 6th Polar Law Symposium.