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Kirkenes alike Murmansk, Halifax and future trans-shipping hub in the eastern part of Iceland, will play an increasingly important role in serving new marine shipping route through the Arctic, promoting Norwegian anchorage as a main, ice free port to discharge the increased demand for Russian moorage.

Besides being a trans-shipment hub between the Northern Maritime Corridor and Northern Sea Route, port of Kirkenes, placed in a close neighborhood of Russian border, would be used as a main destination for cargo transports via Russian railway.

Nowadays Kirkenes port, with its depths of more than 23 meters and quays depths at present of close to 14 m, has unlimited expansions and development potentials. Due to its location, port´s facilities serve not only international but also domestic vessels. Repair and good shelter facilities are available at competitive prices. New infrastructure is continuously developed to meet modern requirements.

Among ports situated in the Barents Sea basin, only Kirkenes has the infrastructure needed for service operations for the petroleum industry and as it was shown by the Norwegian Coastal Administration Institute, the 30 m deep harbor has a large areas which could be used for such a service and the town itself has both, well organized airport and road base.

Beyond question, there are existing local industries in the city of Kirkenes to provide the key competence for service work with wide range of mechanical and repair support.

Supplies of power, fuel and water for both domestic and international vessels are highly accessible. What is more sanitary, welfare and health services are available.

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