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The Arctic´s infrastructure is currently strained to the state of limited functionality. Increased number of passengers travelling to and through the Arctic and still depleting funds have caused Arctic´s states governments to become concerned with the future of the Arctic´s sea ports and airports infrastructure.

The Arctic Portal Shipping Portlet recognizes the intermodal nature of infrastructure challenges in the Arctic and the unique needs, challenges and opportunities for sustainable development of the Arctic´s marine and air transportation.

The Shipping Portlet is envisioned as multiyear task to take place within the Arctic Portal project. It establishes the hub for data sharing and analysis which are being used by various stakeholders, including international organizations, educational institutions, private and state – owned commercial companies and businesses as well as private individuals.

The Shipping Portlet will gather baseline data from project partners to include the Arctic ports and airports capabilities, search and rescue assents and icebreakers ´capacity. Additionally, the Shipping Portlet will provide complete information with regards to regulatory and policy issues of the Arctic states regarding maritime and air transportation, cargo and passengers vessels and airships development. It will highlight the unique features of northern air and sea operations and its environment, the need of funding for sustainable airship development and deployment through the Arctic.

The cooperation with the prospect partners will include the contribution to the project deliverables to include data reports, studies and publications, the suggestions of new ideas that could improve the project goals, participation in surveys and validation activities. Prospect partners would be asked to contribute to the promotion of the outcomes of the Arctic Portal Shipping Portlet by linking the project website with relevant internet page, in order to rise public awareness with regards to the Arctic marine and aviation challenges and to provide with sufficient funding for the project continues development.

For more information or to contribute to the Arctic Portal Shipping Portlet, please contact Halldór Jóhannsson at or tel: 00354 461 2800

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