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17 December 2008


The International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) invites contributions for the next issue of the Northern Notes newsletter.

10 December 2008


The Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Cooperation Programme 2009-2011 is now open for funding applications.

25 November 2008

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The International Polar Year is a large scientific programme focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic. The program officially ran from March 2007 to March 2009 but was closed in September 2011. IPY was organized through the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It was actually the fourth polar year, following those in 1882-3, 1932-3, and 1957-8.

4 November 2008

University of Akureyri

In the Social Science Forum at the University of Akureyri, Professor Lee Huskey will discuss research being done around the circumpolar north and draws general lessons from the different experiences of northern migration in the Arctic nations. Similarities and interesting differences among patterns and determinants of migration will be discussed. The lecture is held by the University of Akureyri and the Stefanson Arctic Institute.

8 September 2008

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International Polar Year projects summary.