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The Aker Barents oil rig (Photo: 70 oil rigs are being built around the world to meet growing demand. Many of them are custom made for the Arctic, specially made to cope with harsh conditions and deep waters.

Lack of oil rigs could be hindering search for oil. But many oil rigs are made for the Arctic, like the Aker Barents.

He discovered oil 200 miles out of Norway, in freezing temperatures, blistering winds and at great depth. He can drill 10.000 meters in 3000 meters deep waters.

Aker Barents can also stand waves up to 12 meters and wind velocity up to 45 knots for some time.

But most oil rigs in the world are booked for many years. New areas could get in trouble, although the new rigs could come to the rescue.

Norwegian company Oddfjell Drilling is one of many making custom-made-for-the-Arctic rigs, made to drill in hard conditions and deep sea.