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frontiersThe 2012 Arctic Frontiers conference starts in Tromsø on the 22. of January and runs until the 27th. The conference will be broadcasted live online.

The theme of the conference is Energies of the High North, including nonrenewable and renewable resources of energy. The conference will have both a science section and a policy section which will commence with a "State of the Arctic" segment.

Numerous interesting lectures will feature in the conference, which is even still open for registration.

Here is the schedule of the policy section on Monday and Tuesday, due to be shown live. Click here to access the section to watch the conference.

Monday 25 January, 09:00 to 17:00
Session I: State of the Arctic 2012 in the context of the global energy outlook
09:30 Thomas B. Johansson, Co-Chair, Global Energy Assessment: Setting the scene - global energy outlook and the Arctic.
10:00 Matt Entenza, Senior Advisor on Energy and the Economy to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, USA.
10:30 Esa Härmälä, Director General of the Energy Department, Finland. (Midnight) Sun Belt - Areal of Growth
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Clément Gignac, Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Quebec, Canada: Development in Québec: the Plan for empowering the North
12:00 Lisa Murkowski, Senator for Alaska, USA: Video speech about priorities for energy politics in the USA and in Alaska.
12:05 Ola Borten Moe, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy: Norwegian Energy Policy.
12:35 Questions and debate with Minister Borten Moe
13:00 Lunch

Session II: Energy resources and industrial development in the Arctic
14:00 Marcia McNutt, Executing director of U.S. Geological Survey: Challenges ahead for oil and gas resources in the Arctic.
14:30 Sergey Kungurtsev, representative of the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous District, Russian Federation: Priorities for the development of industry in Nenets Autonomous District.
15:00 Joep Coppes, Vice president of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers: For a sustainable development in the High North, how can the oil and gas industry contribute?
15:30 Ann Christin Gjerdseth, Chair of OG21, Norway: Sustainable development of Petroleum in the Arctic through superior technology and knowledge.
16:00 Tim Dodson, Executive vice president Statoil, Norway. Unlocking the resources of the north

Tuesday 24 January, 09:00 to 16:30
Session II (continued): Energy resources and industrial development in the Arctic
09:00 Salve Dahle, Chairman of Steering committee: Opening day 2
09:00 Aleksey Titovskiy, Head of Foreign Economy Division, on behalf of the Administration of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russian Federation: Priorities for the development of industry in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.
09:30 Valborg Lundegaard, Executive Vice President Engineering, Aker Solutions, Norway: Technological achievements in the Arctic for more than 100 years - What are the Arctic challenges facing us now.
10:00 Elisabeth Harstad, Managing Director, DNV Research and Innovation, Norway: Barents 2020 – international industry cooperation for safety standards in the Barents Sea. Are there Pan-Arctic lessons?!
10:30 Coffee break

Session III: Developing secure and sustainable energy projects in the High North
10:50 Nina Jensen, Conservation Director Policy, WWF-Norway: Climate and energy challenges of the High North.
11:20 Ånund Killingtveit, Professor Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, NTNU, Norway: Renewable energy - How can it contribute to securing safe and sustainable energy in the High North?
11:50 Martin Fortier, Executive Director ArcticNet Inc., Canada: The Art of Successful Industry-Academia Collaboration: Lessons from the Canadian Arctic.
12:20 Lunch
13:10 Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders: Energies of the High North. Introduction by Barry B. White, US Ambassador to Norway
13:40 Anna Naikanchina, Vice president of RAIPON, Russian Federation: Indigenous peoples and energy projects in the Arctic: integration, risks and perspectives
14:10 Emma Wilson, International Institute for Environment and Development, UK: Risk and reward: the role of civil society, business and the state in shaping the impacts of large-scale energy projects in the North.
14:40 Coffee break
15:00 Arctic Lavvo Dialogue – «Energy and Industrial Development and Peoples in the Arctic. » Moderated debate.
16:15 Closing by Salve Dahle, Chairman of Steering committee of Arctic Frontiers


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