Arctic Services area of interest

The Arctic Services marketing initiative was launched in Akureyri, Iceland on Friday. It is a "cooperative platform between companies and institutions in the north of Iceland to promote the region´s infrastructure and service capabilities, in view of the growing mining and exploration activities in the arctic region and the increased demand for professional services at our latitude."

The main objective of Arctic Services is "to promote the high service level and infrastructure available for those involved in exploration, oil search and mining in the Arctic region."

Over 30 partners cooperate in the project. They range from the local port and hospital, aviation, banking, wholesalers, contractors, food suppliers, partners from the metal industry, shipping industry and consultancy on Arctic issues in Arctic Portal.

The Minister for Industries and Innovation, Mr. Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, addressed the reception and launched the programme formally.

He welcomed the initiative and promised support for the project.

Click here to read a brochure about the project.


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