The Arctic Ocean (Photo: GettyImages)The Days of the Arctic will be held by Arctic Federal Universities on 25th to 28th of February. The event will promote studies in the Arctic territories, strengthening the status of the university as a base platform for the discussion of problems and prospects of the Russian Arctic, its biodiversity, the history of exploration and development prospects, as well as drawing attention of local media to the Arctic theme.

"Days of Arctic" will open a large scale exhibition "View of the Arctic", where the rector of NArFU Elena Kudryashova and director of "National Park "Russian Arctic" R. Ershov will make welcome speeches.

Unique photos which will be presented at the exhibition, were taken at one of the youngest and largest national park in Russia "Russian Arctic" and in the Federal Reserve "Franz Josef Land". The photo exhibition will be held in the lobby of NArFU main building on February 25 at 2:00 P.M.

Furthermore, in the framework of the event "Days of the Arctic" on 25-28 February the participants will be able to attend lectures given by the staff of "National Park "Russian Arctic" and to watch a movie "She, the Arctic" made by M. Menshikova.

The final event of "Days of Arctic" on February 28 will be an international conference-webinar "Day of Arctic in the Presidential Library" on the platform of NArFU (Arkhangelsk) and the Presidential Library (St. Petersburg). The conference will be attended by the federal universities of Russia as well as the arctic universities of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, the United States and Iceland.