The president of Iceland is shown around the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long, the Snow Dragon, in Iceland in 2012. Dr. Huigeng Yang, Director. Polar Research Institute of China, is to his left and the ambassador in Iceland, mr. Su Ge beside him (Photo: Hjalti Þór Hreinsson - Arctic Portal)The first China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium will be held in China this summer. The Polar Research Institute of China hosts the symposium in cooperation with the Icelandic Center for Research.

Participants will be Chinese and Nordic institutions.

The conference dates are 4th-7th of June 2013 and the venue will be in Shanghai.

The theme of the conference is "China-Nordic Cooperation for Sustainable Development in the Arctic: Human Activity and Environmental Change".

Call for abstracts for presentations have been opened. Proposals are welcomed from researchers affiliated With Nordic and Chinese universities, research institutes and/or think tanks. All presentations should focus on Arctic-related issues, Within one ofthe session topics:

  • Session I: Arctic Shipping and Resource Exploration
  • Session II: Research Cooperation on Climate Change
  • Session III.: Arctic Policies and Governance
  • Session IV: Anthropos andthe Arctic in the Anthropocene

The symposium will be a significant step towards the establishment of the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center, located at PRIC in Shanghai. Following the symposium in Shanghai on 4-6 June, there Will be an organized excursion for the participants on 7 June.

The deadline for the abstracts (250-400 words) is the 15th of March and should be send to Zhang Xia, Head of Strategic Studies Division at PRIC, and Dr. Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, Head of Division at RANNIS, e-mail: . The abstracts should also follow a short CV.

Further information is given by Mr. Egill Thor Nielsson, Visiting Scholar at PRIC: .



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