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The windmills being moved

Iceland will have two new windmills set up this winter. They were transported to its location this week, but Iceland has a short history of windmill use.

Iceland is rich in energy and geothermal power is the major input, of 2/3 of Iceland's energy production. Iceland imports around 14% of its energy sources.

Hydroelectric power accounts for almost 20% of the energy production but hopes for the windmills are high. Energy company Landsvirkjun is setting up the windmills, each is 900kw but in total their energy production will be around 5,4 Gwh per year.

They are 55m high and each blade is 22m in length. The total height is therefore 77m.

In wind at 15m per second they produce its peak total, but if the wind goes below 3m they automatically stop to produce. It peaks in between 15m and 28m per second wind and stops again if the wind goes beyond 34m. 

German company Energon produced the windmills and will help with insertation in December. They should be able t run full speed in January.

Energy production in Iceland in 2011 - Pie chart

Landsvirkjun says on their website that the windmills are a part of research- and development program for sustainable energy in Iceland, and that several areas are well equipped for windmill use.

Windmills are generally 0,5-1 kw and Landsvirkjun says that it is very well possible for Iceland to produce 50-100 Gwh per years with windmills within a few decades.


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