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Cod catch ratesArctic Cod is still moving northward and recent findings recorded the furthest distribution of the species. Arctic Cod was recorded at 82 degrees and 30 minutes north this year, by the Russian research vessel Vilnjus.

"The cod is moving northward and eastward. It also looks like it has enough food," oceanographer Harald Gjøsæter.

Gjøsæter was the expedition leader in the Barents Ocean and he says that the stocks are still growing.

But the movement north is due to two things, Gjøsæter says. "The water is warm enough for the Cod and there is enough food," he says.

The scientists use both trawl and acoustic instruments to map the fish stocks in the Barents Sea, and the studies show that the distribution of cod stocks and the capelin stocks are overlapping each other. "The capelin stocks are also strong. "

Gjøsæter also states that quotas for next year need to be precise but he is optimistic that the stocks are in good condition.


Norwegian Institute of Marine Research

Barents Observer