Environmental Protection

Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines, 2009 - Arctic Council

Guidelines for Transfer of Refind Oil and Oil Products in Arctic Waters (TROOPS) - November 2004 - Arctic Council, PAME

Offshore Oil and Gas Development in Northwest Russia: Consequences and Implications - Bellona Foundation

Ch.1: Oil and Gas Resources on the Arctic Continental Shelf in Russia
Ch.2: Transporting oil and gas in Northwest Russia
Ch.3: Environmental Risks when extracting and exporting oil and gas
Ch.4: Oil and gas accidents - prevention and liquidation
Ch.5: Environmental Impact of oil and gas activity in the Arctic

JIP Oil-in-ice Program


The Norwegian Oil Spill Contingency System

Oil Spill Recovery Institute - Cordova, Alaska

Lessons Not Learned – 20 years after the Exxon Valdez Disaster - WWF

Arctic Oil Spill Response Challenges - WWF

Arctic Oil Spill Response Research - The Minerals Management Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

• Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Defenders of Wildlife

Arctic Power