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Northward shift of species might also have great economical opportunities for those countries and areas that are dependable on fisheries.

A northward shift of species might bring in more economically valuable species into the area from the south and therefore benefit the local fisheries.

Some shift in fisheries technologies will be needed, but that poses not a great threat, for human adaption is very flexible.

A southern ward specie such as the Atlantic Mackerel has been shifting northwards due to warming waters.

This has caused economical opportunities for countries such as Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The Atlantic Mackerel is valuable specie and could come as economical substitute specie for capelin, however the role of the Mackerel in the food web of the Arctic and the Sub Arctic is not known.

Due to its size, it is not dependable food source for other species such as the Cod or the Pollock. Also, signs lead to that the Mackerel eats spawns, fingerlings and other small fishes, such as small herring and capelin.

Therefore the Mackerel might be in direct competition with currents species for nutrition.

It is however unknown if climate change will support growth of other smaller species that might come in substitution for current nutrition for higher species like Cod or Pollock