World Cup titan ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi

Yesterday, April 24. 2024, fittingly on the officially last day of winter in Iceland, 27 year old Japanese World Cup titan ski jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi took advantage of the amazing mountain, weather and snow conditions in mount Hlidarfjall above the town of Akureyri in Iceland for the longest ever ski jump in history.

Kobayashi flew down the mountain for an amazing ten seconds to reach 291 meters, crashing the jump world record by 37.5m in the process. The previous record was set by Austrian Stefan Kraft at 253.5m.

The event was organized by Redbull in cooperation with local companies to prepare for the jump.

Seeing is absolutely believing. Enjoy the amazing athletic accomplishment and the breathtaking senary by watching the Redbull videos and their commentary.

Visit the Redbull website or view it on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook


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