Áslaug Ásgeirsdottir appointed the rector of the University of Akureyri

Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir has been appointed rector of the University of Akureyri as of July 1st.

Áslaug’s appointment is according to the decision of the University Council of Akureyri on April 2nd to appoint her as the next rector of the school. The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation approved the proposal and Áslaug will take over the directorship on July 1st. There were five applications for the post, but the appointment is for five years.

Assistant Rector for the past five years

Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir is currently a professor at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, and has been working there since 2001. Áslaug has held various managerial positions, such as as an associate administrator and as a dean of a department. Áslaug holds a doctorate in political science from Washington University in St. Louis, USA. In addition to teaching and research, Áslaug has extensive management experience. Through her work at Bates College, she has been involved in the management of a research fund, the review of the committee system, overseeing student evaluation, department restructuring and other projects as both administrator and professor. Áslaug has also worked as a visiting professor at the University of the Westfjords and as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Iceland. Áslaug is grateful for the trust of the university council and she is looking forward to starting work at the University of Akureyri, and settling in Akureyri.

The University of Akureyri is a good school, which has a certain unique position in the Icelandic university community, and it will be fun to build on that foundation for the future

Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir

Source: UNAK


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