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At the conclusion of the Nordic Defence Ministers' meeting in Þórshavn today, a new long-term strategy for Nordic defence cooperation (NORDEFCO) until 2030 was officially signed. Alongside this pivotal agreement, discussions centered on the ongoing support for Ukraine and the evolving security dynamics in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. Notably, representatives from the governments of the Faroe Islands and Greenland participated in the meeting for the first time.

The newly endorsed strategy aims to address emerging security challenges, bolster collective defence capabilities, and enhance the security posture of member states within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance. While reaffirming their unwavering support for Ukraine's defence efforts, member states have collectively contributed approximately 13 billion euros towards defense-related assistance for Ukraine.

Throughout Denmark's tenure as the chair of NORDEFCO, the development of security issues in the Arctic and the North Atlantic has been a focal point. Consequently, these matters held significant prominence on the agenda of the defence ministers' meeting. Recognizing the increasing geopolitical significance of the region for both Europe and North America, the ministers collectively underscored the imperative of upholding situational awareness, deterrence, and defence measures in the Arctic and North Atlantic.

A formal press release

NORDEFCO Ministerial Meeting in Faroe Islands 29-30 April 2024

Today, the Nordic Ministers of Defence, a representative of the Minister of Statehood and Foreign Affairs of Greenland and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Industry and Trade of the Faroe Islands met in Tórshavn. The Ministers discussed Russia’s full-scale and brutal attack on Ukraine, the security situation in the Arctic and the North Atlantic, the future for Nordic defence cooperation as well as NATO-related issues.

At the meeting, the Nordic Ministers of Defence signed the new Vision 2030 for enhanced Nordic Defence Cooperation. It reflects the new strategic reality with war in Europe and Finland and Sweden joining NATO. Vision 2030 lays out an ambitious plan for the cooperation in the years to come, and it will guide the Nordic work on strengthening the deterrence and defense of NATO.

The Ministers reiterated strong and unwavering support to Ukraine. The Nordic countries stand united in supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Nordic countries have donated app. 13 billion EUR of defence related support to Ukraine. The Nordic countries are coordinating donations e.g. of air defence systems, fighter jet capabilities, infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition. A special focus for Nordic countries and other participating nations in the NORDEFCO++ initiative has been on the production of ammunition both to support Ukraine but also to strengthen the production capacity in a long-term perspective to ensure regional security of supply.

The rules-based international order and European security is under pressure. Against this backdrop, the Ministers discussed the importance of Nordic defence cooperation and the security situation in the Arctic, North Atlantic and Nordic region. Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO is a historic milestone that offers a unique opportunity for strengthened Nordic defense cooperation to uphold credible deterrence and defence, enhancing the security in the Euro-Atlantic area. The Ministers emphasised the importance of NATO’s Regional Plans for the Arctic, North Atlantic and Nordic region, the significance of the trans-Atlantic strategic lines of communication and the ambition of maintaining peace and stability in the region. The ministers also discussed cyber security issues and emphasized the need to tackle threats against critical infrastructure and increasing resilience to withstand the complexity of hybrid threats.

The Ministers reaffirmed the ambition to increase situational awareness and further strengthen military mobility and cross-border activities in the Nordic region. This includes the development of strategic corridors in line with NATO decisions, with a long-term goal of “Seamless Movement in a Borderless Nordic”. The Nordic counties are committed to the enablement of allied operations in the Nordic region.
Finally, the Nordic Ministers of Defence agreed that their Chiefs of Defence will take forward the work on the Nordic Defence Concept on Nordic operational military cooperation with a view to present it at the NORDEFCO Defence Ministerial meeting in Copenhagen in November 2024. The Nordic Defence Concept fully supports NATO’s operational planning and plays an important role in achieving the goals of the Vision 2030.

Signed by all parties.

Read the Vision for Nordic Defence Cooperation

Source: Stjórnarráð Íslands  Photo: Erla Ziskasen

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