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Military headquarters

Norway is the first of the NATO countries to move it's military headquarters to the Arctic by formally opening a new high tech Operations Center located one kilometer inside the mountain at Reitan outside Bodø. North Norway.

The operational center ,which has been described as unique in the world by H.M. King Harald of Norway, contains the most modern technology allowing military commanders to plan operations in different parts of the world simultaneously. The center contains Norway's largest flat screen covering an approximitely 40 square meters. The complex was essentially a cold-war base, covering an aproximit 18.000 square meter five stories high and built to withstand a nuclear blast.

Military generals

The opening of the command center, is in line with the governments increased focus on the Arctic regions. The previous command center was located in Stavanger in southern part of Norway. The move can be estimated to bring the military command not only physically closer to the Arctic but mentally, including a first hand contact with all the questions concerning the High North and a deeper understanding of the stakeholders.

To Take a look into the military complex follow this link

To watch a video from the opening follow this link

Source: Barents Observer & BBC News