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Eruption in Geldingadalir Iceland 2021

The "touristic" eruption in Geldingadalir Iceland continues. It has been categorized as a small event and not posing immediate danger to people or infrastructure. The eruption started on March 19th, after a period of incredible seismic activity, through a small fissure.

It has since been gradually increasing in volume and area with currently 8 craters gushing magma forming lava rivers and streams,  a spectacular display of natural forces and colours. The event has generated enormous local and international interest. Though located very close to Reykjavik the walk from the nearest road is still a few hours over rough terrain and the local weather is unpredictable and harsh. Despite that and the pandemic people have been flocking to experience the phenomenon. It is estimated that a quarter of the Icelandic population has already been there!  The event is a true dream to witness for scientists, not least geologists, photographers and drone pilots. Many have succeeded in recording incredible images and videos but the "casualties" are in the hundreds as drones crash into the magna due to the melting heat!

For those not able to visit yet, dont worry. Scientists expect that the eruption may continue for a considerable time, even years! In the meantime please enjoy the live camera, courtesy of