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This year the Northern Forum is celebrating its 30 year anniversary. The Northern Forum is an international organization of Northern Regions founded in Alaska on 8 November 1991.

The Northern Forum has two types of membership: regional (regional governments, administrations) and business partnerships. The members are currently in Alaska (USA), Iceland, Lapland (Finland), Russia and S-Korea (see membership map).  One of the priority areas of the Northern Forum's activities is to support and develop business cooperation. The business partnerships are currently in Alaska, France, Iceland, Japan, Lapland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. A working group on business cooperation has been created and this year a special section will appear on the official website. In 2020, consultations on the support and development of business interaction were resumed and a round table was held as part of the II Northern Sustainable Development Forum. 

Many events have been planned for the whole year to celebrate the anniversary. One of the first activity was to upgrade the logo by changing the color schemes from the polar night into the polar day, long and bright. In addition to renewing the logo, the organization is upgrading its website and outreach elements including a new brand book with the help from

For more information on the Northern Forum please visit the organizations website.

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The Members of the Northern Forum