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The project EU-PolarNet came to its end in June 2020 and published its last newsletter.

Among the news are information on the Webinar “Stronger together: European Cooperation for Polar Science and Society”, White paper on European polar infrastructure access and interoperability, including an infrastructure implementation plan for the European Polar Research Programme, White Paper on European Polar Data Accessibility, The EU Polar Cluster is growing and The future of EU-PolarNet.

The EU-PolarNet 2 – “Coordinating and co-designing the European Polar Research Area" proposal was positively evaluated and is invited for grant agreement preparation. EU-PolarNet 2 will continue to be a coordination platform to co-develop strategies to advance European Polar Research and its contribution to the policy-making processes. The EU-PolarNet 2 consortium is even larger than in EU-PolarNet and consist of 25 partners representing all European and associated countries with Polar research programmes and activities.

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