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European Polar Infrastructure Catalogue

The catalogue includes detailed information on European research facilities (stations, camps, laboratories, shelters, vessels and aircrafts) in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The catalogue identified a total of 64 European polar facilities, 32 in the Antarctic and 32 in the Arctic. Divided into 16 facilities on the Antarctic Peninsula and sub-Antarctic Islands with six year-round station, five seasonal stations, three seasonal camps and two seasonal laboratories. 16 facilities in Continental Antarctica with five year-round stations, six seasonal stations, two seasonal camps and three seasonal shelters. 32 facilities in the Arctic with 25 year-round stations and seven seasonal stations.

The polar research vessels listed in the catalogue include 16 vessels from 12 countries that regularly operate in both the Arctic and in the Antarctic. The catalogue briefly describes the aircraft fleets deployed by the Alfred Wegener Institute and the British Antarctic Survey in the polar regions.

The full catalogue