Permafrost in the Spitzbergen  The General Assembly 2015 of the EU-funded PAGE21,  "Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century",  will be held at the KEA Hotel in Akureyri, Iceland 13 – 15 October 2015. The Assembly is open to all members of the PAGE21 consortium. The official opening plenary of the General Assembly will be starting at 09:00 on Tuesday 13 October. Registration will take place on Monday 12 October before and after dinner as well as on Tuesday morning 13 October.

PAGE21 aimed to understand and quantify the vulnerability of permafrost environments to a changing global climate, and to investigate the feedback mechanisms associated with increasing greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost zones. This research  makes use of a unique set of Arctic permafrost investigations performed at stations that span the full range of Arctic bioclimatic zones. The project  brings together the best European permafrost researchers and eminent scientists from Canada, Russia, the USA, and Japan.

The PAGE21 is a Large-scale integrating collaborative project under the ENV call topic "Vulnerability of Arctic permafrost to climate change and implications for global GHG emissions and future climate" (ENV.2011.1.1.3-1) coordinated by Professor Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten from AWI.


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