8th Arctic Shipping SummitACI's 8th Arctic Shipping Summit taking place on 23rd - 24th March 2016 in Montreal will focus on discussing the practical solutions necessary for the ship owners to decide whether they should invest in utilising the Northern Sea Route. The meeting will provide updates on key developments and regulations in the Arctic, as well as present expert views on possible future advances in governing the transport routes.

The conference will also address how to overcome the operational challenges that exist while entering the region. These include navigation, communications, risk and safety management, search and rescue, vessel design and crew training. The meeting will provide an outlook for the recent innovations in ice class vessel design as well as updates on ice breaker technology.

This summit, through presentations and case studies will examine practical solutions to Arctic shipping issues and present the latest innovations of technology in this specialised area.

Joining the Summit will allow participants to better understand and evaluate the business model for operating in the Arctic.

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