Pemafrost conferenceInstitute of Physicoсhemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science, Scientific Council on Earth Cryology and Institute of Earth Cryosphere of Russian Academy of Sciences would like to invite you to take part in the International conference "Permafrost in XXI century: basic and applied researches". The conference will be held from September 27 to October 01, 2015, in Pushchino, Russia. Registration fee is 3500 Russian rubles, the banquet ticket is about 2500 Russian rubles. Students and Ph.D. students are welcome to participate without registration fee. Working languages are Russian and English. Foreign participants will be provided with a simultaneous English translation. Deadline for registration and abstracts is June,1, 2015.

The main topics of the conference will be:

  • General, regional and historical geocryology
  • Permafrost response to climat change
  • Physico-chemical aproach in permafrost studies
  • Permafrost engineering and hazards
  • Permafrost soils
  • Permafrost hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Microbiology, biotechnology and astrobiology aspects of permafrost research
  • Geophysical and remote sensing data in permafrost investigations
  • Education of the new generation of permafrost researchers
  • Several roundtables will be organized: TSP, CALM, Antarctic permafrost and soils (AntPaS). The special PYRN event will celebrate 10-th Anniversary of this young permafrost researchers network. Additional ones can be organized on request. We invite researchers of wide range of studies of the cryosphere in the Arctic, Antarctic and mountain areas of the Earth.

Abstract Requirements

Abstract must be sent as Word (any version) document to this address. The abstract is should be in English and around 4000 characters (including spaces). Use the this file as a sample. In addition, your letter should include:

1. type of your report (poster or oral)

2. topic name (names of sections will be known later)

Deadline for registration and abstracts – June,1, 2015.

Once we received your abstract, we will send a confirmation letter to you. If you don't receive the letter within 24 hours, please contact us using official conference address.

A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed for the oral presentation. Your presentation should be made using PowerPoint 2007 (or earlier version). Maximum size allowed for posters is A0 (portrait) size.

Letter of Invitation
Upon request, we will be pleased to send a letter of invitation in order to enable participants to apply visas for attending the Symposium. This letter cannot be considered as an offer of financial support by the organizers. The invitation will be issued for period from September 20 (entry data) to October 10 (departure date). Please, remember about it when you will plan your visit in Russia. However, if you need to stay longer, please specify the exact dates of your arrival and departure, and the cities that you plan to visit.

Chairman: Vladimir Melnikov (Academician of RAS)
Co-Chairman: Valery Kudeyarov (Corresponding Member of RAS, Prof., Director of IPCBPSS RAS)
Chair of the Scientific Committee: Elizaveta Rivkina (Head of Soil Cryology Laboratory IPCBPSS RAS)
Chair of the local Organizing Committee: Andrey Abramov (Soil Cryology Laboratory IPCBPSS RAS)
Secretary of the local Organizing Committee: Svetlana Chudinova (Soil Cryology Laboratory IPCBPSS RAS)

More info and registration, please clik here.