Icelandic Fisheries Portal

Icelandic fisheries portal

The Feature of the week is the newly opened Icelandic Fisheries Portal. The Portal is a project worked jointly by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in Iceland, Directorate of Fisheries,Icelandic Marine Research Institute,University of Akureyri and Matís – Icelandic Food Research.

General Information

fishermanThe Icelandic fisheries portal is a gateway to information on the marine ecosystem around Iceland and on Icelandic fisheries. On the Fisheries Portal, you will be able to find information on everything from the ecosystem to the economy.

The objective of the new and improved Icelandic fisheries portal is to provide easy access to reliable information on the ecosystem and ocean environment around Iceland, on sustainable utilization of the country’s resources, and on the nutrients and healthiness of seafood in general. Statistical information is also available on fisheries and on the importance of utilizing marine resources for the Icelandic economy. All the information is in English.

The portal is intended to serve as a comprehensive information source for experts and laymen, wanting information on Iceland’s offshore waters and their utilization, as well as on Icelandic fisheries. This could include, for instance, buyers and marketers of Icelandic seafood’s, students both in Iceland and abroad, fisheries professionals and experts as well as environmental groups and the general public.

Contents of the Fisheries Portal

The database will include information on the marine ecosystem, its resources and the principal marine products, markets and resource management. Historical overview is also provided along with general information about Iceland, such as geography, the society, infrastructure and politics. As such, the database, will serve as a sort of information display window for fisheries and related issues in Iceland for use by corporations, journalists, scientists, students and the public. The portal will contain general textual information, simple graphs and illustration, as well as more detailed data of use to scientists, for instance

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The URL of the website, operated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in Iceland, is

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