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4 December 2009

Polar bear on sea ice

One of the major international environmental and political challenges of our time is the climate change. It has been known for some time now, but for economic reasons it has been very difficult to find shared stand on what to do and how to do it. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which entered into force in 2005, is the first legally binding climate change solution that the international community has been able to agree upon.

3 December 2009

James Hansen

The Times - As aspired as a new global climate change agreement in Copenhagen is, it has begun to seem that an agreement with almost any content is enough.

2 December 2009

COP15 iceberg

Arctic Council - During the COP15, December 7- December 18,  an Arctic Venue will be held at The North Atlantic Quay in Copenhagen.

1 December 2009

Windmill drawing - As important as it is that the world leaders join together to find solutions to world's most severe problems, it is also important that the generations that will carry out most of the work in future that contains in the decisions made today get to have a say and share experiences globally.

27 November 2009

Young man fishing through ice

There exists no comprehensive definition on what Arctic is or where its borders lie. Different methods of defining the area give different outcomes and it is widely recognized that different regions within the Arctic vary enormously in terms of community viability, demographic, economic and social factors.

27 November 2009

Arctic Indigenous People

The Arctic region has many faces. Historically it has been veiled by an aura of mystique, a frozen wonderland untouched by the outside and the effects of industrialization, populated by a mysterious group of people from a different phase in the history of man.

27 November 2009

Arctic Portal news

The first ever doctoral dissertation will take place in the University of Greenland, Ilisimatusarfik, on friday.

27 November 2009


Already 65 world leaders have confirmed their attendance to the COP15 in Copenhagen in two weeks. What is, however, still unclear is whether the heads of states of the world's top three carbon polluters - USA, China and India - will attend.

27 November 2009

cop15 - The official homepage of the COP15 announces that the President of the USA Mr. Barack Obama will visit the Conference briefly on December 9, on his way to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

29 October 2009

EFS - Ericon Aurora Borealis

Arctic has for a long time interested expeditioners and many journeys have been initiated throughout the past one and a half century. For a long time, very few expeditioners made it through the harsh conditions, but due to the climate change it has started to look like that trans-Arctic shipping is becoming a possibility both for researchers and transportation.

14 September 2009

German Vessel Beluga Fraternity

Two German multipurpose heavy-lift vessels, Beluga Fraternity and Beluga Foresight, has managed to complete the first transit of the Northeast Passage by non-Russian commercial vessels.

26 August 2009

Military ships

According to the AFP News, an International Arctic Security Conference is been held in Anadyr, Chukotka, Russia.  The main focus of the conference is on emergency situation management and prevention, nuclear accidents and rescue operations in the Arctic region.