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 arctic sea iceAPECS, the association of polar early career scientists, has appointed a new director, Alexey Pavlov.

Alexey will be in charge of guiding the development and administration of the organization, along with overseeing and managing all APECS activities, finances and events, recruitment of volunteers and members, and interacting with APECS mentors, advisors, and supporters.

Alexey highlights international & interdisciplinary collaboration as a key reason he is looking forward to taking on the role of APECS Director. "Collaboration with many interdisciplinary groups has brought me the opportunity to feel the environment of Polar Regions and to better understand current and upcoming challenges facing Polar research," he said.

"I'm looking forward to spending the next years of my life above the Arctic Circle and to 'Shaping the Future of Polar Research' with even more APECS members and mentors."