(Logo: AMATII)Today, 6th of December 2012, the AMATII workshop (Arctic Transportation Infrastructure Response and Capacity and Sustainable Development in the Arctic) that for the past week has been taking place in the capital city of Iceland, comes to an end.

The dialogue that has been taking place between representatives of public and private sector, policy makers and scientists, provided with better understanding of Arctic region and development of its maritime and aviation infrastructure.

The matter of advanced economic development in the remote region in order to finance the development of Arctic infrastructure was highlighted. Funding infrastructure development in the High North has been recognized as a major issue for today's policy makers.

Gaps in knowledge were addressed by scientists from all of the Arctic states and future of the AMATII database as the main source of aviation and maritime information has been discussed. International instruments that are already in place should be used and employed by the project.

The conference treated not only the current but also future activities in the Arctic in relation to maritime an aviation transportation sector.

The Arctic Maritime and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative (AMATII) was a platform for addressing critical needs in the Arctic's aviation and maritime environment.

The Initiative approached Arctic air and maritime transportation policy, education, and research from various vantage points and facilitated on going and increased communication and collaboration throughout the Arctic.

It was agreed that in the future, today's initiative will serve as a coordination point for research and it will facilitate technology transfer within and between Arctic nations.


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