Walter & Duncan Gordon FoundationThe third day of AMATII workshop takes place today in capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik. After small – group meetings that have been going on since Monday afternoon, specialists were able to define the lacking infrastructure among the Arctic states.

Wednesday's opened with the speech given by Liane Benoit and Sara French from Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program.

The speaker stressed out that the tragic events that took place in the Arctic have highlighted the desperate need for the knowledge and tools necessary to address emergency scenarios and adaptation plans.

The Gordon Foundation was established to ensure northern voices were heard while leveraging this topic as a focus of research and as a tool for promoting research skills with the youth. The traditional knowledge participatory model will be central to bridging age-old methods of surviving on the land with the new realities of a North in transformation.

The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation is a private, philanthropic foundation based in Toronto, Canada. The Foundation undertakes research, leadership development and public dialogue so that public policies in Canada reflect a commitment to collaborative stewardship of our freshwater resources and to a people-driven, equitable and evolving North. Over the past quarter century the Gordon Foundation has invested over $27 million in a wide variety of Northern community initiatives and freshwater protection initiatives.


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