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Passenger planeArctic Transportation Infrastructure: Response Capacity and Sustainable Development one important component of the Arctic Marine and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative (AMATII) - opens Monday, December 3 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

International relationships are reflected in the workshop's agenda and point to the global and systemic nature of Arctic transportation.

The conference will treat about current activities in the Arctic in relation to marine and air transportation.

The Arctic Maritime and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative (AMATII) is a platform for addressing critical needs in the Arctic’s aviation and maritime environment.

The Initiative will approach Arctic air and maritime transportation policy, education, and research from various vantage points and will facilitate ongoing and increased communication and collaboration throughout the Arctic. It will serve as a coordination point for research and will facilitate technology transfer within and between Arctic nations.

The Arctic Portal will play the active role in the project, developing the database to include the baseline assessment of maritime and aviation infrastructure that will accommodate continual update on Arctic maritime and aviation features.

The Arctic Portal Interactive Mapping System will be used to illustrate the overlapping spheres of responsibility and capacity. It will be also used as an informative tool for the Arctic´s nations to understand and respond to both needs and capacity of Arctic maritime and aviation infrastructure.

To read more about the conference and subscribe to the event, please click here. To browse the conference agenda, please access here. Information about workshop logistics, such as hotel and transportation are available here.

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