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Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir.

An Icelandic woman starts her journey to the South Pole today. She intends to walk 1140 kilometers to be the first Icelandic women to reach the Pole.

Vilborg Gissurardóttir will walk around 22 kilometers per day, carrying an initial 100 kg in the -40 conditions. She hopes to conclude her walk in 50 days.

"I have always had a special relationship with nature. When I was a child what I wanted the most were hiking shoes."

She has worked as a tour guide in Iceland and last spring she walked over the Greenland glacier.

"I like to travel alone, because of the freedom. I can go on my own speed, sleep when I am tired, eat when I am hungy and continue when you feel good! You also get to know yourself very well under these circumstances."

Vilborg is blogging, in Icelandic from the trip. Her site can be seen here.

She is also raising money for a good cause, for the women´s clinic at her local hospital.

Bringing to the Pole:

  • Food and fuel (60 day supply)
  • Telecommunications (two satellite phones, iridium tracer, radio)
  • Tent, sleeping bag, two styrofoam matresses, one mattress)
  • Primus, thermus, water bottles and cutlery
  • Glacial outfits, including tools
  • Medicine kit
  • Tools for repair
  • Entertainment (iPod, books)