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Dr. Marie-Noëlle HoussaisToday at the University of Akureyri, dr Marie – Noelle Houssais gave a speech on French contribution to the Arctic marine scientific research.

For the past two decades France has been extremely active in contributing to main axes of Arctic marine research.

Governmental and non – governmental organizations have been involved in monitoring and evaluating of the climate system, understanding the processes, underpinning its variability as well as estimating the future state of the Arctic and the potential impacts.

Dr. Houssais highlighted socio – economic impacts of climate change in the Arctic to include marine transportation on northern sea routes, exploitation and extrication of marine living and non – living resources.

France has a long history in both Arctic and Antarctic research activities and expeditions. Logistical support to polar activities in the country largely benefits Arctic and Antarctic projects.

Dr. Marie Houssais is a Doctor of Sciences at Universitee Pierre et Marie Curie Paris Sorbonne (UPMC), an oceanographer physicist specializing in the polar regions. She was elected member of Scientific Council of the UPMC over the period 2008 – 2012. It was dr Houssais´ second visit to Iceland.


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