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The estimated route of the Snow DragonChina´s fifth Arctic expedition is en route to the Arctic. The Snow Dragon, Xuelong, left Qingdao in China on the 2nd of July.

It will sail through the Northern Sea rout, carrying out various ressearch objectives in four fields. The fields are Physical Oceanography and Sea Ice, Marine Geology research, Chemistry and Atmospheric Chemistry and Biology and ecolosystem research.

Arctic Portal is a cooperative partner in the project and a website about the expedition has opened at Chinare5.

The Snow Dragon’s expedition to Iceland is an important token of the two countries Arctic research collaboration for years to come. Its arrival comes in light of the parties increased cooperation in Arctic affairs during recent years, which recently saw a framework agreement signed by the two governments. The Snow Dragon’s arrival in Iceland will further strengthen these ties and make way for mutually beneficial research for both sides.

During its stay in Iceland the public will have an opportunity visit the Snow Dragon.

This will be the first time that a Chinese Arctic expedition will sail through the Northern Sea Route.
It is estimated that the 15.000km voyage will land in Reykjavík in the middle of August, before visiting Akureyri and then heading back to China.

Please visit Chinare5 for more information.